My Personality

Everyone has a different personality, whether they’re outgoing, or shy. I have a personality of what you would call INFJ (Introversion, intuition, feeling and judging), or “the counselor”. This means that I like to self reflect, and think about ideas, or other thoughts quietly, and to myself.

In my life,  my energy towards others, and other things is called“Intraversion” . This means that I am more comfortable in smaller groups, than I am in larger groups. I also like to overthink decisions, and words before I say, or do them out in the open. It also means that I do not like to be focused on (don’t like too much attention). Intraversion personality means that I am more shy, than outgoing, and I would rather be alone, or with close friends other than with strangers, and people that I don’t know very well,

My second trait is Intuition, this means that I like to gather information, by gathering from other sites, or subjects to use in a situation where it could be useful to my liking. This also indicates that I like to think of things very clearly before doing, or saying something, and use them to make me understand a subject/ object better than I have previously. 

Decision making, I make decisions by feelings. This means that I make my decisions about how I’m feeling, and about how other people are feeling. It also means that I over- think things in my mind to tell if something is going to be hurtful to me or other people before I say or do something.

My lifestyle/ structure is Judging. This means that I am thoughtful, and caring when it comes to people, and their decisions. I also am a good listener when people need to tell me something. I am also very organized when it comes to learning, and learning areas I work at. I also like organized learning styles, such as school notes, or activities.

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