My Interests

Many people have different interests in life, whether they want to be a nurse, or a mechanic. My interests are different from others, because I like to do things my own way, and go more freely than off of a planned subject. My interests are divided into 2 categories, realistic, and artistic (RA) or “the maker”. This means that I like to explore with many different tools, and objects to create something that may be useful, or just artistic. 

Realistic means that I like to work freely, and by hand. It also indicates that I like to work by myself (preferably outside) instead of in a building with groups of people. I also don’t like to do a lot of paperwork for an activity that I am going to be doing, or have been doing. I am realistic because I also like to work with different varieties of tools and machines to complete a task, or activity.

Artistic means that I like to work with objects that I may find useful to create something with. It also means that I like to change things up in everyday life (work spaces, creations, etc). I am artistic because I like to create things without the use of instructions, or other blueprints. 

Overall, I am a very creative person, whether it’s with arts and crafts, or with machines and tools. Everyone is different in many ways when it comes to their interests, but these are mine, and I hope i can do many things with them when I’m older.

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