Many people want to know about things that may affect their life in the future. Whether their into Technology, or science. I would like to learn about Technical and Trades, computers, and science.

Technical and trades, this means that I like to learn about different types of tools, agriculture, and equipment. It also means that I like to create, and design products using different objects. I like to learn about Technical and Trades because I would like to be in the trades industry when i am older, so learning about it in school will give me a better understanding of what it’s like.

Computers, I enjoy learning about how to work with computers, or work on computers. It also helps me to understand technology better in some ways, and also helps me learn more about programming, and coding that may be useful in my future.

Knowledge helps me learn about things that I may or may not like to do in my future. I would be good at construction, programming, and many others if I continue to learn about Technical trades and Computers. I think that if I enroll in some of these things, I will be successful in my future.

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