Motivations are things that may get you going in the morning, or things that get you through hard or tough times. My motivations help me when I’m working in a specific area, or workplace. My main motivation is Support, which means that I like equality, help, and helping others. My second motivation is Achievement, whether it’s building something, or just working on a project, I like to feel like I did something useful, and that other people will admire my work. My other motivations are Independence, Relationships, Working Conditions, and Recognition, which you will read more about in my blog. 

My primary motivation factor is Support.  I like to be supportive, and supported in workplaces. I also like workspaces where everyone is treated fairly, and equally. Support also means that I would like to, or will help someone in need in the workspace. I also like multiple examples of training, and trainors just to know what I have to do to become successful in the activity I enroll in. 

My secondary motivation is Achievement. This indicates that I like to enroll in an activity where I can use my skills and knowledge to complete something in my own way. This also means that I like to do hard work, and then feel like I accomplished something, or part of something that I have been working on, or have finished working on. 

Some other of my motivations are Independence. Where I like to work on my own projects, or activities other than enroll in group activities, This also indicates that I like to work at my own pace, and use my own directions, and my own ideas. It also means that I like to create images in my mind to use in building activities, or decorating activities.

Relationships. This means that I like to create a friendly environment with the people around me. It also means that if we work as a team, all of the team members can get along no matter what situation. I also like to be friendly to anyone no matter what, and create friendly relationships with people I meet, or work with.

Working Conditions. I like to work in places where there is a great benefit of our job or activity. I also like to work in places with great team mates, and great people. It also means that i like to work in places that are great working environments (where there’s no bad people, areas, etc).

Recognition. When people succeed in a project, or activity they have been working on, It’s important that they are recognized for their effort, and teamwork. This means people that work hard achieve promotions, recognitions, and celebration.

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