My Ideal Music


There are many types of music in the world, pop, country, rap, hip hop, and much more. There are also many singers who create this music to listen to. Everyone has a different taste in what type of music they like, and what singer they like best. This can also depend on how the music relates to them, mentally and emotionally. I listen to many types of music, but in my opinion, my favourites are country, and pop. Country and pop are my favourite because of the emotions the singers put into it, and how the rhythm of the music can be relaxing. These types of music also have meaning to them in the words that are sung. Some singers may sing about past relationships, or hard times they may have gone through. Listening to these lyrics can be very calming in some cases. There are multiple singers that I find amazing, but two of my favourite singers are Garth Brooks, and Justin Timberlake. Garth Brooks is a country singer that sings songs such as Friends In Low Places (1990), and Two Pina Coladas (1998), and much more. I like to listen to this singer because his voice is fairly calming. Some of my favourite songs from this singer are Rodeo, and The Thunder Rolls. Justin Timberlake is a popular singer, mainly singing in the genre of pop. He sings multiple songs included in his album The Man Of The Woods (2018). Some of his popular songs are Drink You Away (2013), and Cry Me A River (2002). I have been to one of his concerts in 2018, in Edmonton, AB. I like his music because he sings it through heart, and it is very rhythmic. Many people like different music, and not all people agree with some other types. These are my favourite types of music, and my favourite singers.

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