Layering Mask Image Steps

Hi, my name is Taylor and I made this to teach you to step by step how to do layering mask images on pixlr.


Step One: Go to google and google “”. Once you did that, sign in using your email. Once you’ve signed in find two images you like but they have to be different themed images. I chose the mountains in summer and a tree path in winter.

Step Two: After you have two of your images, download them to your google drive by double-clicking and pressing “save image as” and pressing save. By doing that it will save into your google drive.



Step Three: Go into Pixlr and press open image, and it will take you to your google drive where you will press the first image you downloaded and it will automatically internet into your pixlr. once you inserted your first picture there will be a plus sign, you want to press that and then there will be a square mountain you are going to press that. After you press the square mountain it will take you to your google drive you are going to select the image you want and it will bring your image onto your screen




Step Four: Once you open your image onto your screen you are going to go to the three dots on your top image and once you press it there will be a bunch of stuff but you will look for the line that has the word “transparency” above it. After you have found that move the dot backward down the line until you are able to see both the back image and the front image. I chose 50 but it is always different for every picture.



Step Five: Now that you have your picture finished., you are going to go up to the top left corner and press file, and then save. After you press save you are going to see your file type, you are going to want to press “PNG” and then press “Download” down at the bottom. After you press download it will save it into your google drive and you will have it forever.


.      .         


Now that you have followed these steps you are able to do a layering mask image any time you want. Layering mask is super fun and super easy to do.

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