How to Create a heat transfer graphic design T-Shirt

Hi, toay i am ging to be telling and showing you a step by step in how to make a heat transfered grapgic T-Shirt desgin.

Step One: the first step is to think of a desing that you wnat to do and make it in Pixlr or Adobe Spark.


Step Two: Afyter you ahve made your desing email it to the computer that is conected to the Roland VersaCamm Sp-300i. Once you emailed it you need to edit it just enough to make it fit and look good with your shirt.



Step three: After your image has finished printing and drying you are going to cut it and peel off the top layer of the picture and put wax paper on top.



Step Four: Now head over to your heat press and make sure it is heated up to 300 degrees. And warm up your shirt on it for 8 seconds. Then put your design on your shirt and put wax paper in it and heat it for 13 seconds. then take off the top plastic on your design and wax paper o top and heat it for 13 seconds.


Step Five: Once you have done step four take your shirt off the heat press and hang it up somewhere to cool off. When you hag it up make sure your design isn’t being bent. Once your t-shirt is done cooling off you are allowed to wear it.

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