Who am I? Learning Styles

   According to the learning styles survey, I am a Visual-Auditory learner. This doesn’t surprise me because I already knew how I like to learn, and what ways help me. The survey also says that I’m a 26% kinesthetic learner.

   I am mostly a visual learner. I understand why I am a visual learner because I like to learn by looking and seeing. For example, when a teacher is educating and showing us new material in a subject, I like to have a visual or the smart board while they are talking. I like to have a slideshow of the things we are learning so I can understand better.

   Another way I like to learn is by listening and hearing, which is called an auditory learner. Instead of reading I really enjoy listening to audio books. They make it easier for me to understand. When I read to myself I get distracted and off track and have to read the entire page again! 

   I am also a kinesthetic learner so I prefer to learn by touching and doing. When I want to learn how to play basketball, I don’t want to be taught how to play by someone just telling me. I want to be able to learn how to play basketball by trial and error. 

   Those are the three ways that I am able to learn best. I’m 39% Visual, 35% Auditory, and 26% Kinsthetic. 

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