Who am I? Interests

My interest type is SA (a Shepherd). Shepherd’s are creative, imaginative, patient, generous with their time, and are drawn towards helping others. I also like to work with ideas. 

   My main interest traits are social and artistic. Having a social trait means that my occupations revolve around people, and that I like to focus on helping healing and teaching others. I also have an artistic interest trait, which is when whatever i’m acquiring, requires creativity and self-expression. According to the survey it says that my occupations would require an environment where flexibility and alteration is expected. 

   Two more interest types that I have are investigative and realistic. Investigative occupations involve working with concepts, information, and scientific theories. Curiosity, reasoning, logic, research, and analysis are typical activities in this occupation. Realistic professions usually involve practical, hands-on activities. They focus on working with plants and animals.

   The last two interest traits that I have are enterprising and conventional. Enterprising occupations often involve the world of business. They regularly require starting and driving new projects. This occupation frequently requires leadership skills and the willingness to be able to take risks. 

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