Who am I? Motivations


   My top motivation factor is Support, and my second motivation factor is Relationships. 

   My main motivation factor is Support, which is where I need to agree with someone, and sometimes showing approval or support through action. I would give help or assistance to someone, and to promote interests or causes. Support can come in many forms. It could be emotional and moral support, training, education, mentoring, and even a physical resource, such as a computer can be a form of support. I look for opportunities where you are treated fairly by your employers, and you have the support of your manager. I also look for receiving great training. 

   With relationships I like to have a connection with people, whether it is an emotional connection or some other connection. To me good relationships are founded on mutual respect, trust, honesty, and common interests or goals. If you are in a good relationship with someone they are supportive as you are for them. It is difficult to imagine any circumstance where we don’t have a relationship of any kind! I look for opportunities where I have friendly co-workers, where people can freely live by their beliefs, and when I have an opportunity to help others.  

   Some of my additional motivation factors are Recognition, and achievement. When I do my job really well I want someone to know that I did a good job and that they recognize it. I value the respect, admiration, and approval of the people around me. With achievement I want to put my skills, knowledge, and abilities to the test. I like to know that I have accomplished something in life, and that it may even be something that will stand the test of time.

   I agree that my motivations, which are support, relationships, recognition and achievements are the main things that will in the future make me a better athlete and a better employee.      

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