My top motivation is recognition. This means the acknowledgement of achievement, service, merit, etc.; often in the form of some token of appreciation. Formal acknowledgement that conveys approval or endorsement. I want the recognition that comes with a job well done. I value the respect, admiration and approval of the people around me.… Continue reading Motivation


According to the survey my top subject area is Computers. Computer courses help develop a deeper understanding of the world of computers. This may include computer science and computer programming. I like working with the computers. I like the sound of the keyboard clicking, and all the fun you can do on them like writing… Continue reading Knowledge


My interest type is, The Developer. My interest traits are realistic and enterprise. In realistic, I like to do hand on activities and I focus on working with plants, animals, materials, tools and machines. Many realistic occupations require working outdoors. I don’t really get involved with paper work or working closely with others. In the… Continue reading Interest


My personality type is Counselor. My energy level is intraversion. I am comfortable working alone or in small groups,I enjoy thinking deeply about things, I am also reflective. I am not likely to blurt things out such as answers or just joining a conversation that doesn’t involve me and I don’t mind being the centre… Continue reading Personality

Learning Style

I am a visual leaner. I have to be reading or watching what I’m being taught. It is hard for me to learn when i have to listen to a video or listening to the teacher talk and teach.  Reading it over and over and over makes me remember it. As a visual leaner I… Continue reading Learning Style

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