According to the survey my top subject area is Computers. Computer courses help develop a deeper understanding of the world of computers. This may include computer science and computer programming. I like working with the computers. I like the sound of the keyboard clicking, and all the fun you can do on them like writing stories, making slide shows, photoshopping and more.

My second subject is business. Business courses help understand how a business operates. Some of the jobs could be accounting, enterprising and marketing. I’m not a huge fan of business, it is very confusing and you have to get along with your co-workers even if you don’t like them. I don’t think I could handle working with someone I don’t like.

And my third subject is language. These courses help build communication skills with people who speak different languages. I think learning different languages is fun. You get to learn about how sentences are built different in different languages. Example: in English you say “Red Ball” but in French you say “Ball Red”. It’s also fun to learn about different cultures by speaking their language.

There are also so many careers I could pursue such as arts. Not drawing and painting arts. It provides a platform for entertainment including the performing arts such as drama, film and music. Another job is audio/video technology. This focuses on providing audio and video services to events. It involves set up, operation, and maintenance of equipment to enhance live events. Equipment includes microphones, projectors, video recorders, lighting and sound mixing equipment. It can also include recording meetings and presentations with video cameras, operating spotlights, adjusting amplifiers, and coordinating graphics used in displays. And another career is communication. It is focused on creating and maintaining positive relationships between clients and the public, often using media outlets. Press releases, public events and branding are used to create and maintain these relationships.

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