Twitter Essay: Environment and Technology

The technology we use has become essential for our everyday life. For George Hadley’s children in the story The Veldt being disconnected from the technology around them was almost impossible. It has created negative effects to the environment that surrounds us. This machinery has allowed us to further communicate ideas all over the globe and has caused more developed countries to become increasingly evolved. Needless of what our comforts are the technology we use can disconnect us from the true good aspects of life. Technology has both pros and cons to the environment, the development and destruction of communities, and can have an impact on wildlife.

The survival of the fittest is the code for most of society today. Todays people are so focused on who has the best electronics and automobiles that they’ll do whatever it takes to obtain such objects, even if it costs the environment. Pollution and global warming are major concerns to the environment around us. These harmful effects occur so that we might satisfy our own, and the communities, desire for self-interest. However, not all of the technology used in society is for selfish purposes. Certain car companies, such as ford, have been developing hybrid vehicles that permit less carbon dioxide into the environment by creating electric vehicles. The technology we use has been very beneficial in helping us solve problems and make our day-to-day lifestyle so much easier. Think about trying to visit family who live miles away. Thanks to the technology we are able to travel more efficiently.

In developed countries like Canada and the U.S. communities, particularly cities, have evolved due to the widespread use of technology. Ponder on the thought of hospitals. If technology wasn’t there to help cure or treat those in need, more deaths, severe injuries and devastation would affect society tremendously. Technology has been used to save lives and help those in need. There are many donation sites online that accept money to help those in poverty both in developed and third world countries. If we have so much technology, then why don’t we share with the countries who lack the technological resources they need to achieve prosperity? This is an issue that is being taken into thought and action by some and ignored by others. Part of the reason is due to the fact that most people in these countries take up jobs that deal with the community or area around them.

Technologies have allowed us to get closer to nature and the environment while protecting us from the dangers of wildlife. Veterinarians have been able top treat those animals who are sick, injured, or contain a disease. Although we have been able to improve the surroundings of the environment people have also taken advantage of nature for their own well-being. Habitats have been destroyed so that we may obtain houses and paper and other materials for our day-to-day life. Animals have been taken away from their homes and families for entertainment and profit. Zoos and circus’s are examples of how some animals are taken to give us humans a form of pleasure by observing them from a fake habitat.

The technology that is essential for us can cause harm to others and the environment. It is through technology that we are able to communicate ideas all over the world, but some circumstances have led to destruction and poverty because of it.




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