My Learning Styles



After my learning style survey I was quite shocked. I before didn’t even know really what my style was. Before I didn’t have much of a preference for a specific learning style. I do personally think that me taking this survey will help me in near future to get the most knowledge I could possibly take in.  The learning style I am most comfortable with according to the survey is kinesthetic style.

Kinesthetic learning is touching and doing it yourself to know what happens.  Just having someone explain to you would not be as effective for yourself, as if you were trying it yourself. The best ways of learning for this style is touching, doing, hearing, and listening. Even before this survey I have also liked to get in and try it before I ask for help. An example for this style of learning is when someone is trying to teach you how to ride a bike. You would rather do it yourself then someone just explain to you. 

Another style of learning that I had a high percentage of after the survey was auditory. Being an auditory learner means you learn by hearing and listening. This means you may like to listen to videos for example we will watch youtube videos on the different things we learn about. You might like to read to yourself or have someone read the resources to you. You may also want to talk to someone about it or repeat the same sentence over and over again aloud. 

The last style of learning is visual which was my lowest one but it was still pretty close. A visual learner is u like to be preserving and seeing. You probably like taking notes and even maybe would prefer to sit up in the front. Some other things you like doing is highlighting important notes, and even making graphs and keeping track of everything. An example of this would be when the teacher does a demonstration on the board so you will get an idea in your head of what to do. 

I think all these styles are good but the main thing is to do what you’re most comfortable with and what you prefer to do. I personally think I sometimes do all of these learning styles and they have all worked. Some people have different styles of learning and it doesn’t matter. As long as you are comfortable with it and you are successful. Some people might also have to learn different styles based on if they have a disability or something wrong with them. For example, a def person might be best with visual or kinesthetic learning since they can’t hear so easy or at all.


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