My Personality Type


When the results of the survey came back I was aghast.  I was surprised to see my actual personality and who I really am. These tests are good for you because you get to know yourself better by taking it and seeing the results of your personality. The type of personality I have is a supervisor (ESTJ)

For energy I am extraversion. This means that I am quite comfortable in large groups, enjoy socializing with others and can gain energy from just being around people. It also says that people who are extraversion say what’s on their mind and aren’t afraid to share it with others.  They can also enjoy the spotlight. An example of this person might be when you get to pick a character in a play you probably would pick one of the main characters because maybe you are comfortable to speak lots in front of people or you just want the spotlight.

Another personality result was sensing for information gathering. This means the person is good at observing and collects the little details. They also present information in an orderly way. This person is also good at explaining ideas. This person really relies on observing. I am not too surprised I got sensing because I do tend to look at the little things in life. I also have been good at collecting information and being able to present it. 

In my personality when I make decisions it’s based on my knowledge and thinking about it, not my feelings. This means I won’t make decisions on a personal bias. I also make decisions fairly. I also make decisions on objective criteria and I really focus on the final product. An example of this is when we are picking a school council president. I won’t just choose my friend because I like him. I am going to pick who I think will do better for the school council not who I like more. 

For this person’s lifestyle and structure they prefer judging it. This person tends to deal with their outside world logically. They are thoughtful and when approaching a new task, the ESTJ prefers goals and deadlines over flexibility and options, which may be perceived as roadblocks. They also tend to be organized, to plan-ahead, and to prefer routine. I personally think this is the right personality because I do tend to be organized, at home, school, and for other things.  

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