My Interests


After taking the Interest survey I wasn’t too shocked. My interest type is Maker (RA). The RA stands for Realistic and Artistic. The maker combines their need for creative, hands-on work with their desire for self-expression and exploration. They realise that being practical means still can be creative. 

For my interests traits I was 71% realistic. Realistic occupations usually involve hands on activities. They focus on helping and working with the environment. An example of this type of person is an environmentalist or even farmer. They study plants and focus on the world around them. Theory also usually is not involved in much paperwork.  They focus on working with plants, animals, materials, tools, and machines. This person also tries to be working outside all ways. 

The second trait is artistic. These people are very creative, and can get work done with a clear set of rules. They tend to have lots of self- expression. These people like an environment with a little flexibility, and are ok for change.  An example of this kind of person may be someone who likes art. 

I personally think this was the right trait. I can be pretty flexible and am used to change. This quiz was very helpful. It helped me get to know who I really am. These people are really good at turning ideas into reality, so if you are ever looking for someone who can create something both useful and artistic, look for a maker.

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