My survey was on what gets me motivated. At home What really gets me motivated is not a cup of coffee in the morning but a nice nutritious breakfast. If I have a good breakfast in the morning then I feel like I can accomplish anything that day. For this survey my primary motivator is independence and my second motivator is achievement. 

I am not too surprised my primary motivator is independence because I don’t like to be controlled. I like to be free and do my own thing. I don’t mind working in groups or with partners though. I would rather be my own boss instead of being told what to do, but if I can’t be my own boss I will be ok and it won’t be the end of the world to me. This kind of person usually likes making their own decisions rather than being told to do something.

I am also not too surprised I got achievement for my secondary motivator. I like knowing that I achieved something in the day whether it’s getting all my work done in class so I don’t have homework or scoring the last basket in our home tournament final basketball game. Knowing I achieved something gets my blood flowing and I feel good at the end of the day. It is always good to know you accomplished something. Achievement is something that has been accomplished, achieved or completed through effort; the result of hard work.

This survey was good for everyone who has taken it because it shows what motivates you. Now if you are not feeling like you’re motivated to do anything, do one of the two results on your survey. For example I could accomplish something in the day to get motivated. 

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