My Concert

There are so many options I could choose for a location for my concert. There are just so many options, but I want this night to be a night that everyone remembers. I want there to be all sorts of cool lights with big loud speakers. I will also have a smoke machine. I want a very enthusiastic and energetic crowd. I want there to be a very excited announcer. I also want to have everyone come on stage with love from the crowd. I would also like the artists to be very interactive with the crowd. 


The ideal spot for my concert is outside in a tropical country. I would love to have this concert in the Bahamas late at night outside on a beach in the hot summer air. There would be L.E.D light strung around the stage and have strobe light flickering on and off in the crowd. There will be very big speakers around the entire perimeter so everyone can hear the music so clear it would be like listening to music out of your earbuds. There will also be smoke machines on and off the stage to go into the crowd. Then everyone can see the lights gaze through the thin fog, and the musicians can play with fog on the stage. With the concert being outside then no one can be smoked out by the fog machines. 


I would have my crowd to be very enthusiastic so then they cheer on every musician. As soon as the musicians walk on stage I want the crows to go wild and give them so much love and support. I also want an announcer to tell everyone who will be coming up next to perform and get the crowd hyped up for all the songs. There will be a mixture of genres because I want a few country artists, as well as rap, and rock. I would want all those genres because I like them all and then the crowd gets to have a bit of every kind of music in one night. A couple of musicians I would have are, ACDC, Morgan Wallen, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and so many more. 


The last thing about my concert is the amount of people. I will have my concert public to anyone. I also will be having it on the beach so there is plenty of room for everyone. I want all my friends and family to come and have a great time. I want as many people to come as possible. The musicians dont just make the concert, it is the crowd. After the crowd goes wild after a crazy performance is whatnmakes the concerts so fun.


With all the lights, flashing and the smoke blowing it will be a great time. I hope that everyone enjoys their time as well as the musicians. I hope this is really a night to remember and to last forever.

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