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My visual about the beatitudes is to imagine all the things in life that we are blessed with. I think about all of the beautiful things that are on this earth and how we get to live right by them. I remember that Jesus died on the cross for us and how blessed we are to have him. We have a God that loves us no matter what and is always there for us. We are blessed to have the family we have and the love they give us. Our eyes are blessed with the wonders of our world. We get to see fantastic sights right in front of our eyes. We can smell the delicacies that God has gifted us with. There is food all around us growing everywhere so that we never get too hungry. We are blessed to have people and God in our lives who can comfort us in times of need. We are blessed that God is merciful and everyone can be forgiven. We are blessed to have a place to go after we die which makes death less scary.

My Concert

There are so many options I could choose for a location for my concert. There are just so many options, but I want this night to be a night that everyone remembers. I want there to be all sorts of cool lights with big loud speakers. I will also have a smoke machine. I want a very enthusiastic and energetic crowd. I want there to be a very excited announcer. I also want to have everyone come on stage with love from the crowd. I would also like the artists to be very interactive with the crowd. 


The ideal spot for my concert is outside in a tropical country. I would love to have this concert in the Bahamas late at night outside on a beach in the hot summer air. There would be L.E.D light strung around the stage and have strobe light flickering on and off in the crowd. There will be very big speakers around the entire perimeter so everyone can hear the music so clear it would be like listening to music out of your earbuds. There will also be smoke machines on and off the stage to go into the crowd. Then everyone can see the lights gaze through the thin fog, and the musicians can play with fog on the stage. With the concert being outside then no one can be smoked out by the fog machines. 


I would have my crowd to be very enthusiastic so then they cheer on every musician. As soon as the musicians walk on stage I want the crows to go wild and give them so much love and support. I also want an announcer to tell everyone who will be coming up next to perform and get the crowd hyped up for all the songs. There will be a mixture of genres because I want a few country artists, as well as rap, and rock. I would want all those genres because I like them all and then the crowd gets to have a bit of every kind of music in one night. A couple of musicians I would have are, ACDC, Morgan Wallen, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and so many more. 


The last thing about my concert is the amount of people. I will have my concert public to anyone. I also will be having it on the beach so there is plenty of room for everyone. I want all my friends and family to come and have a great time. I want as many people to come as possible. The musicians dont just make the concert, it is the crowd. After the crowd goes wild after a crazy performance is whatnmakes the concerts so fun.


With all the lights, flashing and the smoke blowing it will be a great time. I hope that everyone enjoys their time as well as the musicians. I hope this is really a night to remember and to last forever.


My survey was on what gets me motivated. At home What really gets me motivated is not a cup of coffee in the morning but a nice nutritious breakfast. If I have a good breakfast in the morning then I feel like I can accomplish anything that day. For this survey my primary motivator is independence and my second motivator is achievement. 

I am not too surprised my primary motivator is independence because I don’t like to be controlled. I like to be free and do my own thing. I don’t mind working in groups or with partners though. I would rather be my own boss instead of being told what to do, but if I can’t be my own boss I will be ok and it won’t be the end of the world to me. This kind of person usually likes making their own decisions rather than being told to do something.

I am also not too surprised I got achievement for my secondary motivator. I like knowing that I achieved something in the day whether it’s getting all my work done in class so I don’t have homework or scoring the last basket in our home tournament final basketball game. Knowing I achieved something gets my blood flowing and I feel good at the end of the day. It is always good to know you accomplished something. Achievement is something that has been accomplished, achieved or completed through effort; the result of hard work.

This survey was good for everyone who has taken it because it shows what motivates you. Now if you are not feeling like you’re motivated to do anything, do one of the two results on your survey. For example I could accomplish something in the day to get motivated. 


After taking this survey I was shocked. I never thought I had so much in common with my results. My top subject area for knowledge was computers. I was so shocked about this because I have never been a very technical person or used computers much. 

I was an 89% match for computers. Computers can be a very technical device to use. But computers can help you with lots of thighs, even your daily needs. For example, you need some new shoes but you don’t have time to run to the store. You just need to open your laptop and search what brand you are looking for and you will have a new pair of shoes at your door within a few days. Computers courses will help you develop a deeper understanding of the world of computers. Some courses with computers are; Computer Science and Computer Programming. 

The second result for my survey was technical trades. I was a 72% match with it. Technical trades courses help you learn skills to design and create products using different tools, equipment, and software. Topics may include: Agriculture, Cosmetology, Foods and Construction. I’m not too surprised I got this because we farm and I like it a lot. Some examples of this person are a carpenter, rancher, or farmer. 

 I was pretty surprised I got computers but not so surprised I got technical trades. This was a good survey because I can give us an idea of what we might want to be when we grow up. It also shows what we are interested in now. 

My Interests


After taking the Interest survey I wasn’t too shocked. My interest type is Maker (RA). The RA stands for Realistic and Artistic. The maker combines their need for creative, hands-on work with their desire for self-expression and exploration. They realise that being practical means still can be creative. 

For my interests traits I was 71% realistic. Realistic occupations usually involve hands on activities. They focus on helping and working with the environment. An example of this type of person is an environmentalist or even farmer. They study plants and focus on the world around them. Theory also usually is not involved in much paperwork.  They focus on working with plants, animals, materials, tools, and machines. This person also tries to be working outside all ways. 

The second trait is artistic. These people are very creative, and can get work done with a clear set of rules. They tend to have lots of self- expression. These people like an environment with a little flexibility, and are ok for change.  An example of this kind of person may be someone who likes art. 

I personally think this was the right trait. I can be pretty flexible and am used to change. This quiz was very helpful. It helped me get to know who I really am. These people are really good at turning ideas into reality, so if you are ever looking for someone who can create something both useful and artistic, look for a maker.

My Personality Type


When the results of the survey came back I was aghast.  I was surprised to see my actual personality and who I really am. These tests are good for you because you get to know yourself better by taking it and seeing the results of your personality. The type of personality I have is a supervisor (ESTJ)

For energy I am extraversion. This means that I am quite comfortable in large groups, enjoy socializing with others and can gain energy from just being around people. It also says that people who are extraversion say what’s on their mind and aren’t afraid to share it with others.  They can also enjoy the spotlight. An example of this person might be when you get to pick a character in a play you probably would pick one of the main characters because maybe you are comfortable to speak lots in front of people or you just want the spotlight.

Another personality result was sensing for information gathering. This means the person is good at observing and collects the little details. They also present information in an orderly way. This person is also good at explaining ideas. This person really relies on observing. I am not too surprised I got sensing because I do tend to look at the little things in life. I also have been good at collecting information and being able to present it. 

In my personality when I make decisions it’s based on my knowledge and thinking about it, not my feelings. This means I won’t make decisions on a personal bias. I also make decisions fairly. I also make decisions on objective criteria and I really focus on the final product. An example of this is when we are picking a school council president. I won’t just choose my friend because I like him. I am going to pick who I think will do better for the school council not who I like more. 

For this person’s lifestyle and structure they prefer judging it. This person tends to deal with their outside world logically. They are thoughtful and when approaching a new task, the ESTJ prefers goals and deadlines over flexibility and options, which may be perceived as roadblocks. They also tend to be organized, to plan-ahead, and to prefer routine. I personally think this is the right personality because I do tend to be organized, at home, school, and for other things.  

My Learning Styles



After my learning style survey I was quite shocked. I before didn’t even know really what my style was. Before I didn’t have much of a preference for a specific learning style. I do personally think that me taking this survey will help me in near future to get the most knowledge I could possibly take in.  The learning style I am most comfortable with according to the survey is kinesthetic style.

Kinesthetic learning is touching and doing it yourself to know what happens.  Just having someone explain to you would not be as effective for yourself, as if you were trying it yourself. The best ways of learning for this style is touching, doing, hearing, and listening. Even before this survey I have also liked to get in and try it before I ask for help. An example for this style of learning is when someone is trying to teach you how to ride a bike. You would rather do it yourself then someone just explain to you. 

Another style of learning that I had a high percentage of after the survey was auditory. Being an auditory learner means you learn by hearing and listening. This means you may like to listen to videos for example we will watch youtube videos on the different things we learn about. You might like to read to yourself or have someone read the resources to you. You may also want to talk to someone about it or repeat the same sentence over and over again aloud. 

The last style of learning is visual which was my lowest one but it was still pretty close. A visual learner is u like to be preserving and seeing. You probably like taking notes and even maybe would prefer to sit up in the front. Some other things you like doing is highlighting important notes, and even making graphs and keeping track of everything. An example of this would be when the teacher does a demonstration on the board so you will get an idea in your head of what to do. 

I think all these styles are good but the main thing is to do what you’re most comfortable with and what you prefer to do. I personally think I sometimes do all of these learning styles and they have all worked. Some people have different styles of learning and it doesn’t matter. As long as you are comfortable with it and you are successful. Some people might also have to learn different styles based on if they have a disability or something wrong with them. For example, a def person might be best with visual or kinesthetic learning since they can’t hear so easy or at all.